Links & Resources



Videos covering the fundamentals of figure and portrait drawing. Everything from how to sharpen and hold a pencil to the Robo Bean. His ever-expanding collection of lessons go into detail about how to draw anatomy.

Will Kemp Art School

An introduction to the fundamentals of painting and drawing, including video demonstrations and exercises.

Draw Mix Paint

Videos showing in detail how to paint realism with oil. Even if you use a different medium or don’t follow the technique precisely there are valuable lessons in how to see colour and value. There is also an active forum and question & answer videos.

Learning to See

Paul Foxton’s site is full of valuable information about the core skills of drawing and painting: composition, values, colour perception, edge control, with practical exercises and some really useful advice about the process of learning.

Jeff Watts

Jeff Watts is one of those rare teachers who has great talent and can communicate what he’s doing as he’s doing it. Watch his Friday Night Live sessions to look over his shoulder as he discusses anything and everything to do with art training.


Gurney Journey

Updated daily with posts covering all aspects of art, this blog by James Gurney (author of the Dinotopia series) includes his own sketches with photos or video of the work in progress.

Terry Miura • Studio Notes

I love the way Terry Miura paints, and luckily he’s very open with his working methods. His posts go in to detail about the decisions he makes throughout the painting process.