portrait-day2_0774I’m learning how to draw and paint.

These posts began as emails posted to a couple of friends, sent as we shared photos of our latest sketches. We still exchange some sketches by email but it’s more convenient to save them all on a website where they can be a record of discoveries made and techniques learned.

So the expected audience is rather small, but even so, when posting on a public website it is tempting to be more thorough and exhaustive with the information given than when writing a personal email, often to the point of paralysis. Instead, the entries are usually kept short (if incomplete) to pass on brief thoughts or observations, with occasional links to other sites of interest.

As with any learning process, it’s often the mistakes that are the most instructive. The sketches shown here are more a record of what works and what doesn’t rather than a showcase of finished pieces.

The dates of the posts have been altered to match the time the sketches were made, which makes more sense when reading in sequence but could mean new posts are buried in the pile as I add old sketches. Use the Recently Added list on the right to find the latest posts.



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