Proko challenge – movie poster

Another Proko challenge. This time:


“Your favorite director JUST called! They want to make a movie about YOUR life, where YOU get the leading role (yourself!)! The director says you get to call the shots too, and decide the genre…oh and the studio is going to need YOU to do the movie poster too! What a demanding production!”

For this month’s challenge we want you to show us the movie poster of your life! This could be a poster about a sweet memory, or a poster that best represents your personality, or interests! Remember too, the director wants you to choose the genre as well! So maybe you feel like your life would be best suited for a fantasy film, or a western? Maybe it’s a romance comedy, or an animated film? Either way the director needs you to send that poster by the deadline because your movie can’t come out without it! Be sure to take a look at different movie posters! They can be really elaborate, or really graphic! But they HAVE to describe the genre and what the movie is like as best as possible! 😛 Have fun everyone.

Remember to leave some room for the text! Logo and title optional, unless you wanna also do the graphic designers job 😊 Let’s see those posters!

Format: Classic One Sheet – 27 x 41 inches or 68.6 x 104 cm

Medium: Any medium, traditional and digital, 2D and 3D is allowed

For my entry, I combined an oil painting sketch based on photos of me posing in front of a mirror with a hat (no, you don’t get to see that) which was then brought into Photoshop for extra painting, and then InDesign for the lettering. I was going for something with an Ealing comedy feel.

The result would probably make Leyendecker spin in his grave. Hey, at least I made the deadline. It’s never too late!

Here’s Karla Ortiz giving feedback (about 26 minutes in).

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