EDM 9 – organised chaos


Drawn fast, with no looking back.

Fun to do and makes for a lively cartoony drawing, even if the computer has shrunk and the pen holder has inflated. Drawing this way can be a welcome break from slow careful drawing.


2 thoughts on “EDM 9 – organised chaos

    1. Jim Post author

      Great article, Ed. There’s a lot to be said for throwing away the lay-in pencil, though I don’t do it enough. It does make you look more carefully and draw more deliberately. I’m sure it will make for more confident, accurate drawings in the long run, as shown in your own drawings.

      There are still times when I like to tighten up a loose pencil sketch, or when painting, start out with broad blocks of colour and then sharpen up the details. There’s a certain satisfaction in moving from sketchy to precise.


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