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EDM 9 – organised chaos


Drawn fast, with no looking back.

Fun to do and makes for a lively cartoony drawing, even if the computer has shrunk and the pen holder has inflated. Drawing this way can be a welcome break from slow careful drawing.


flower power


Drawn from a photo taken when strong sun was shining into a darkened room, hitting the flower and creating some interesting lighting.

It doesn’t stand up to close scrutiny with all those grubby pencil marks and scrappy lines. The graphite from the underlying pencil sketch gets trapped and sealed by even a light watercolour wash. Even if I’d rubbed most of it out before painting I think some would have shown through. There must be better ways to do the initial outline sketch.

EDM 8 – watch


Back of my father’s self-winding watch. The automatic mechanism makes it keep ticking eerily when picked up after months untouched.

Found this a tough one, partly because the subject is so small but also because it’s hard to keep track of the complicated rings of light and dark which taper in and out, and it’s weird to go into writing mode in the middle of a drawing (a sure sign I’m doing it wrong).

new pen fun

cello-beardy-scan137-500 tulips-scan138-500 p63-the-printed-picture-scan136-700

New toys arrived in the shape of a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and Uni Pin Fine Line markers. The brush pen is a delicate and twitchy beast which frightens easily but can produce a very satisfying line when it obeys, and because the inks are permanent and waterproof the watercolour can be applied after the ink (though in the chromolithograph copy, the 0.05mm Uni Pin was applied last as it hadn’t arrived at the time of colouring).

The top picture is copied from a photo by Mark J. Davis, part of the series Suspended Dreams: The Unknown Musicians, the vase with tulips was copied from a photo, and the chromolithograph reproduction was found in The Printed Picture by Richard Benson.

EDM 7 – tin in pen


EDM 7: Draw a bottle, jar or tin from the kitchen.

This started as a pencil sketch (there was much erasing) followed by watercolours and finally pen. I rushed the beginning of the final inking stage, just as I should have been slowing down and paying closer attention to the final effect, with the result that it’s sloppier than I intended and hoped-for close-up labyrinthian joy has been lost. Symmetrical designs are especially unforgiving. Also the perspective on the lid is wrong.

Still using the Papermate Flair (the other pens haven’t arrived yet) which isn’t waterproof, so ink goes on last.